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grade your cv

Irelands only free, private & confidential construction professionals only CV Grader

You’re a construction professional, your CV should be too…

  • How does your CV look through the eyes of a recruiter / HR professional?
  • Are you Selling yourself effectively with strong & relevant content?
  • How could you Improve your design and create a visually appealing CV?


We’ve been building construction professionals CVs for 20 years. 

70% of our clients (construction companies across Ireland) agree that customised CVs are the best way to land interviews, and 50% of HR Managers / Recruiters throw out CVs with spelling mistakes & typos.


Send us your CV today. We’ll grade it, then help improve your CV based on:



Is your CV relevant to your experience and jobs you might apply to in the future? Have you listed projects and project values? Have you mentioned the most relevant responsibilities? How long is your CV?



If you don’t grab the hiring managers attention within the first 10 seconds of reading your CV, you’re done!! Your Cv layout takes the hiring manager on a tour of your CV, make sure you keep them engaged.


Grammar & spelling

How can someone have spelling mistakes on their CV with spell check and other available software, but believe me, we see it evey day.


Does you CV include relevant keywords?

One word missing from your CV could be the difference of an interview or not. If you’re a site / setting out engineer for example, just saying you’ve done surveying or setting out isn’t enough. You need to mention the equipment used.. (Topcon, Robotic Total Station, Leica, Trimble)


We’ve been building CV’s for construction professionals across Irelands for over 20 years, our results speak for themselves.


Send your CV today. It’s free, private & confidential.

grade your cv

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20 years of experience


Reliable and respected


Relationship focused


Tailored to your needs